TyTn II (Phone)

November 12, 2007

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About a month ago was my birthday, and I thought I’d treat myself to a new phone (any excuse :P). I’ve been keeping an eye on what products are around the place etc the past few months and had pretty much decided what I wanted, and was just waiting for it to be released.

Anyway, I found the HTC TyTn II phone for sale at Three on a 3-month plan (which I’m not using as I already have a phone plan through Telstra) at a better price than any online retailers, so I purchased one of those, and must say I’m very happy with it. It has all the things I wanted (3G, Wireless, Bluetooth, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6), as well as a few I didn’t really care either way but are nice to have (better – 3MP – camera, built in GPS among others). I did get a faulty one initially where the external speaker stopped working, but the excellent service of the people at Three swapped it over straight away with no hassles.

Anyway, all in all it’s a great phone/pda/gps/ok camera, so I’m happy. Obviously expensive, but that was to be expected.