Android HTC Sync How To

September 22, 2010

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Mostly for personal reference, but as posted previously, I own an HTC Magic phone. Standard with all HTC Android phones is their HTC Sync software for syncing contacts, calendar, music etc. It does, however, have a small bug. The phone must have USB Debugging mode enabled for HTC Sync to be able to detect the device. If this mode is disabled, then Windows will only ever detect the phone as a removable USB mass storage device.

Before you plug the phone into the computer for the first time:

  1. Go into the phone’s settings (Menu->Settings)
  2. Select Applications->Development
  3. Tick the box next to USB debugging.

IF, like me and many others, you bought a new Android phone made by HTC and then plugged it straight into the PC, the above will not be enough to make HTC Sync detect the device. You will need to follow this procedure to fix:

  1. Unplug phone and uninstall HTC Sync software/driver
  2. Turn on USB Debugging mode on the phone as detailed above
  3. Download and run USBDeview
  4. Uninstall any devices listed that are related to the HTC Android phone
  5. Reinstall HTC Sync software/driver
  6. Plug phone in via USB (and wait for Windows to detect/install drivers for it)
  7. Set phone USB Mode to HTC Sync

The phone and HTC Sync should now detect each other (may require unplugging and plugging in again).

HTC Magic (Phone)

September 29, 2009

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About 2 months ago, I dropped my trusty TyTn II with the screen extended, and damaged the screen to the point it wasn’t useable. As I was looking to upgrade anyway (but wasn’t in a rush – the TyTn II is an excellent phone), rather than repairing it (although I probably will get it repaired as a backup now) I went out and bought a new phone.

I was planning to wait for the HTC Hero and Touch Pro 2 to be released, but a quick comparison showed the Hero to be identical to the HTC Magic which was already out in everything except that the Hero has a 5MP camera and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Both features that don’t really interest me. Anyway, I wandered down to the Three store, had a bit of a trial of one and then purchased one of those, and must say I’m very happy with it. I must say I’m liking the Android interface, and it’s quite refreshing going from Windows Mobile 6.1. WM is nice, and works well enough, but at present, it is still very reliant on having a stylus. Android is designed around finger-touch inputs. I especially like the correction/prediction of the on-screen keyboard. It was missing a few words (or almost-words) I use, but they’re easily added just by typing them in and selecting them. The Android Market is a great source for apps too that provide extra functionality I like (e.g. SSH Client, IRC Client, IM Client etc).

A few minor things I don’t like – the included alarm clock app I found to be unreliable. A few times I had it set and it didn’t go off at all! Easy enough to fix by downloading an alternate clock app from the market, but it would be nice if it just worked. Also, the office app is only a viewer, not an editor. There’s a number of notepade-esque programs around, but it would be good to have something like this included. It also took me a bit to get used to the idea of apps not closing, but just being backgrounded. I’ve downloaded taskiller to close them off completely, and am still unconvinced that the apps in the background don’t offer a performance hit. Also, at the time I purchased it there were no turn-by-turn voice navigation apps. There’s Google Maps, but that’s more for planning than actual navigation as you go. Recently Sygic Mobile Maps has been released, and CoPilot also have a version available for Android, but I’m yet to test either. I’ve not liked CoPilot in the past when that came with the TyTn II, and read not great reviews on Sygic’s route finding. Will probably wait to see what else comes along.

All in all though, now that I’m more used to the Android interface, I really quite like it. It’s a much shallower learning curve than Windows Mobile was, and the Android market makes it much easier to install additional apps than searching around on the internet.

TyTn II (Phone)

November 12, 2007

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About a month ago was my birthday, and I thought I’d treat myself to a new phone (any excuse :P). I’ve been keeping an eye on what products are around the place etc the past few months and had pretty much decided what I wanted, and was just waiting for it to be released.

Anyway, I found the HTC TyTn II phone for sale at Three on a 3-month plan (which I’m not using as I already have a phone plan through Telstra) at a better price than any online retailers, so I purchased one of those, and must say I’m very happy with it. It has all the things I wanted (3G, Wireless, Bluetooth, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6), as well as a few I didn’t really care either way but are nice to have (better – 3MP – camera, built in GPS among others). I did get a faulty one initially where the external speaker stopped working, but the excellent service of the people at Three swapped it over straight away with no hassles.

Anyway, all in all it’s a great phone/pda/gps/ok camera, so I’m happy. Obviously expensive, but that was to be expected.