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November 23, 2007

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In the vein of my recent post re a new phone, I’ve gone and bought myself a significant upgrade to my car stereo, and I love it! I had a few specific things I wanted out of it to make it a bit trickier.

  • Not wanting to lose any of the cargo space in my wagon, otherwise I would’ve been defeating the purpose of having a wagon.
  • Not wanting something that was too visually obvious in terms of a fancy stereo so that it wouldn’t be obvious to potential thieves.
  • Steering wheel controls attached to my old stock stereo system also had to remain intact/functional.
  • Not needing to remove/replace the spare wheel well or similar with speakers or amps.

Anyway, so I posted about this on the Just Commodores forums a while back, and got a response from a local company by the name of Adelaide Prosound (they seem to have since closed down unfortunately). I finally got around to getting a quote and booking it in, and the job was done yesterday. Due to last time I went in behind the dash of my car, it was quite involved, I decided to let them install it professionally too as then they know what they’re doing much more so than me.

To say I am VERY impressed with the result is an understatement. The sound is a lot clearer than on the old system, especially at higher volumes than the old one was capable of. Also their customer service was excellent in answering my millions of probably pointless questions prior to installation, and any problems I have to just give them a call. I can’t fault the installation either – the only noticeable difference visually is the new head unit, and even that is fitted so well it looks like it belongs!

I’ve got it booked in to add a sub in a week and a bit, but already I’m very proud. Anyway, till next time!

Edit: The sub was also a great addition! Sounds awesome! There is a bit of a high-pitch whine from the amp for it though that seems to clear up as it warms up which I’ll need to figure out and fix sometime.



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