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March 3, 2006

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I’ve been looking for something to put here that people will find interesting that is applicable to be posted on a public website. Anyway, these past few days we’ve had a somewhat amusing car parking drama here at work, so I’ll fill anyone that reads this in on that.

Basically, where I work is short on officially marked carparking, so a few of us park across the road next to this huge storage shed. Now, there’s an access door that opens on to next to where we park, so we make sure to always leave one car’s space free in case they want to access the shed through that door. We’ve been hear nearly a year now, and only once have they needed to get in there (there’s other doors to the same shed). So that’s the scenario.

Anyway, 2 days ago, someone pulled up in a big 4wd ute thing, and put notes on my car and one of my colleagues’ car too basically saying “Please don’t park here as it may inadvertently cause damage to your vehicle.” The note was dated as being modified in 2004! It was signed by the campus property services manager, but was basically a photocopy of this form from, as I said earlier, 2004. (I work on a university campus).

Anyway, yesterday my boss had a meeting with this manager, and that was one of the things discussed. He (the manager) said we were fine to park there, and whoever put the notes there wasn’t sanctioned by him. So now we’re officially allowed to park there, and if they need to get to the shed they just have to ask us to move our cars. Now, while this meeting was occuring, someone came up with a forklift and dumped a pile of forklift pallete things right behind my car making it impossible for me to get out. We just laughed it off – can’t believe how petty people can be. The campus services manager wrote a quite pointed e-mail to the boss of the person we suspect causing the ruckus, who later came up quite apologetic and had them moved. We’re not 100% sure who put them there, but we have suspicions. Anyway, for now I think it’s resolved, but I reckon there’s a good chance we haven’t heard the last of it yet.


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