Blood tests and the like

October 3, 2006

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Apparently the veins in my right arm are better for getting blood out of than in my left arm. I found this out on friday when I went in to give them some blood for studying and some quality assurance thing. Something to do with me being allergic to eggs still, which is apparently quite rare in an adult. Anyway, they wanted 16 tubes (about the size of the smaller test tubes you get in science classes at school) of my blood for this testing. They looked at the left arm first, it wasn’t much good, so they went for the right arm. We got about 12 tubes out of that one before it stopped enough that they couldn’t fill any more, then went to try the left, and didn’t get even a drop out, so gave up there. Being left handed, I’ve always offered my right arm when needing just a bit of blood for a blood test or something anyway. Now I have a good/legit reason for doing so. 😛

As usual, I watched them the whole way through which apparently is uncommon…most people don’t like watching their blood being taken or injections etc apparently. I find it fascinating. Anyway.


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